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ladies who lunch


because of this sweaty, sticky heat i have put my jackets and pants in a 'no touching' zone, meaning i will not wear them, go near them, glance in their general direction . . . etc. it's too damn hot! now is the time for short hair and sundresses  and  fun fun fun. . . 

vintage scarf, h&m dress, michael kors sandals, tiffany necklace (gifted)

bizarrely, i did not buy a single item i'm wearing today, and most of it came from my mom (the shoes and scarf were hers in the '90's and the dress was a gift i received.) now that dress, although cotton and relatively simple/shapeless, i just adore. the pink is so bright and girly! how can you not smile at those awesome dots? i did consider belting it (an hourglass figure's go-to), but as i recently read in a vogue article, the key to french style is to have enormous restraint. so this is me "restraining." C'est tres chic, non?

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