simple is as simple does


gap favorite tee, urban outfitters belt, bdg shorts, hotie clogs, tom ford lips

class is always cool . . . 

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let's vogue

 since the top is so large, i tucked a part of it  into my shorts on my right side. that a-symmetry shows off the curve of my hip, which makes the clothes drape artfully on my body so that i don't look like a whale.

stern shorts, calvin klein sweater, jeffrey campbell shoes

 i'm obsessed with any and all snuggly, over-sized knits. maybe that's  "l.a." but there is a reason why people in that part of the country gravitate toward the trend. fine knits are absolutely perfect for los angeles weather. they can be layered  with other knits for cold days, or paired with shorts for hot weather (as I have done.) and the major plus, is that no one can see your stomach. you can loosen those belly-breathing muscles as you please!

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dance in the dark


 today was a lazy day around the house, so i dug this 3-year-old jersey dress out of my closet. it's  so worn in, i've often thought about tossing it, and then i touch the fabric . . . and i quickly change my mind. it's so perfectly soft!

l.a.m.b. shoes, dress designer unknown, vintage necklace, victoria's secret bra

this is the studio, the premiere "creative space." i come out here every morning with home-made chai and a fashion magazine . . . livin' dreams. the gold necklace (shown above as a belt) has a loop that often breaks open, so i used it to update the elegant drape of the dress. also, the 'underwear for outerwear' trend a la carrie bradshaw is amazing. embrace it. love it. live it. 

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black nose and revelations


from time to time i like to serenade my dogs with muse's epic 'starlight,'  although i change the lyrics to better fit my four legged friends.  

j. crew tissue t, vintage shorts from feathers, pour la victoire nude sling-backs

for those loyal readers, if you notice everyday i wear something that somehow influences the next day's ensemble in some fashion be it through color, detail, whatever. so today i continued a nautical theme with these wonderful polka dot shorts that are sooooo comfortable. in colder weather i like to pair them with a long sleeve calvin klein crew neck, black tights, and my jeffrey campbell platforms. so minimal, but still on the nose.

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set those sails


now is the time for a nautical fashion nod. the beaches at cannes, the new 'pirates' movie, and an 'on the town' reference in last night's glee [new york, new york] all suggest chic naval details for your summer wardrobe.  tom ford's cherry lush lipstick pulls this whole vintage allusion together.

zara dress, vintage hat, aldo sandals, tom ford lipstick in 'cherry lush'

i adore this lipstick. it's the creamiest, and the color is a perfect red-berry blend. this sweet little hat, however, always frustrates me. its innocent bow is so cute, but i can never find anything to wear it with, so . . .  today's ensemble was an experiment in foreign territory 

 i like it!

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kick it

 these amazing 5" platform heels are jeffrey campbell's "lita" in taupe suede. one of my best buys to date, they are amazingly awesome. these boots make any outfit a little bit in your face, and the result is bad ass.

kimchi blue blouse, silence + noise flapper skirt both purchased at urban outfitters, jeffrey campbell boots

bought some new products today at sephora; post to come! and please . . . . 

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the rain in spain

[spanish-blair waldorf]

this is perhaps my all-time, favy-wavy skirt. and, strangely enough, my dad bought it for me! he was vacationing in italy and asked some fashionable lady for advice on what to get his then teenage daughters. a mon avis, she made an excellent choice . . . 

 as you can see, my hair is in a pony-tail . . . again . . . 
today, my hair decided that it hates me, which has been known to happen from time to time. so i broke out my collection of head-bands and bows that i coveted in my pre-school days. the one pictured is maroon with black velvet embroidery. pretty dark and luxurious for a mere head-band

zara blouse, unknown skirt and headband, franco sarto boots

recently i've been attracted to my zara pieces. perhaps it has something to do with spanish beauty penelope cruz and her stellar cannes wardrobe. i must include a picture of her in this absolutely incredible marchesa gown. the violet color is so dreamy . . .   for red carpet glam, if i ever have the option, i'm going with one of the "uhs":

 marchesa or oscar de la renta

so feminine, so gorgeous, it's no wonder those brands are favored by hollywood elite.  

photo by Bauer Griffin
doesn't P. just make you want to say



cowboy country


zara blouse, urban outfitters shorts, franco sarto boots

i'm so tired. just a quick post of my comfy country lounge-wear. these boots are so cool. classy but with a rock-star kinda charm. happy days!


sleepy times

[the dutch farmer]

these rainy, spring days make me so sleepy; i just have no desire to go anywhere in this weather. even a slight step outside makes my hair a mass of frizzy curls. luckily i got in a few shots before my head was completely unrecognizable.

because of the humid heat, i tied my linen shorts at the waist and my raw silk shirt two inches above. just enough skin exposed in this sticky weather.

aren't these the strangest shoes? i love them! their plain, clunkiness somehow appeals to me . . . i don't get it, but i like it. i stole these from my mom when i was just a kid and rediscovered them a few days ago. a pleasant surprise.
the next pic is a close-up of  my shirt tied.

holie clogs, company blouse, sparkle and fade shorts

can't wait for expected thunder-storms tomorrow. i love a good storm, even borderline-terrifying ones, for which i am prepared! i have a particular room in my house designated  for "severe weather." so sometimes, even if it's just raining, i gather my pets and sit in that small, warm room while my giant dogs lounge around me. so cozy! perhaps farhan and i will make a fort with our furry friends in light of the oncoming inclement weather. if so, pics sure to come!


in a garden


i had a little party today. nothing major, just a small lunch with a few girls. it was a 'catching-up' type lunch with good food and good people. as you can see, i was going for a sort of tea-swim suit party.  

farhan james and i took a trip outside to walk on the rocks . . .

this dress, another vintage piece, reminds me of the costumes in the d'aulaires' book of greek myths i had as a kid. i loved the illustrations of the gods who were draped, of course in some gauzy/ethereal fabric.  i idolized the goddesses - they were feminine and powerful.  ancient, awesome, badass women. amazons of the spiritual world. totally cool.

i offset this vintage, ulta-femme dress with tough, but sleek shoes. a black leather upper with satin accents, these l.a.m.b. heels are 4 inches of amazing. admittedly i can wear them for only so many hours, but i think they're worth the trouble. let's be real, gwen can make anyone feel like a rock star.

another vintage dress from feathersvix swimsuit, l.a.m.b. heels

the party menu. 
  appetizer:  great harvest honey whole wheat bread with strawberry butter. 
  entree: baked salmon rubbed with potlatch with a salad made of figs, avocadoes, cucumbers,        green onions and mixed greens drizzled with blasamic vinegar and olive oil. 
  dessert: black bean brownies. and yes, they're actually really yummy. 
don't hate, healthy food makes you feel good.




this romper is very l.a. to me. i love the textured detail, and the mint color. my favorite 80's piece i own.

recently i've started wearing red lipstick in the day-time. i find sometimes i need just a smidgeon of something more . . . and cherry chapstick followed by rouge does just the trick. currently, i'm loving mac lady danger (the orange/coral undertones offset my pale-olive skin) and the ultra creamy tom ford lipstick in cherry lush, a true, delicious red. i wore the tom ford most recently with a deep green, v-neck j. crew dress and l.a.m.b. satin/leather platforms for my dad's wedding . . . pics to come . . . 

vintage terry cloth romper from feathers on south congress, victoria's secret bikini, chloe sunnies, mac lady danger lipstick

 an homage to the ongoing cannes film festival and the premiere of terrence malick's "tree of life," which looks absolutely beautiful. the gorgeous chloe sunnies i bought on sale a year ago at neiman marcus last call. they are perfect. these babies make a hanes white tee look chic. even better, french chic.


we do what we can


i'm really into adding the art of suggestion to my wardrobe, and this was a big step for me. the bare midriff!

 to go along with the tribal theme, i allowed my hair to fashion into an unruly mane.
i allowed it. 

jcrew top , h and m skirt, cher the bear

both pieces from around '06. the skirt's hem is unfinished, but we do what we can. top knotted, skirt tied at the high-waist.