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let's vogue

 since the top is so large, i tucked a part of it  into my shorts on my right side. that a-symmetry shows off the curve of my hip, which makes the clothes drape artfully on my body so that i don't look like a whale.

stern shorts, calvin klein sweater, jeffrey campbell shoes

 i'm obsessed with any and all snuggly, over-sized knits. maybe that's  "l.a." but there is a reason why people in that part of the country gravitate toward the trend. fine knits are absolutely perfect for los angeles weather. they can be layered  with other knits for cold days, or paired with shorts for hot weather (as I have done.) and the major plus, is that no one can see your stomach. you can loosen those belly-breathing muscles as you please!

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  1. Great outfit, incredible shoes !

  2. I love the off-the-shoulder look. Its so adorably sexy and feminine. Great look!

    Stay Beautiful,

    PS: I'm a follower now!

  3. Hi hon!!! Ok so i am here to honestly tell you that you are so beautiful! I love the FIRST PHOTO AND THE LAST. LOVE THOSE TWO SO MUCH!!!

  4. Nice outfit!!