whip yo hair


so i cut my hair! what do you think? it's pretty drastic and a little bit crazy, but so far I'm pleased as a peach. it really just adds that extra oomph to my style. 

twelfth street by cynthia vincent dress, vintage necklace, l.a.m.b. heels


ladies who lunch


because of this sweaty, sticky heat i have put my jackets and pants in a 'no touching' zone, meaning i will not wear them, go near them, glance in their general direction . . . etc. it's too damn hot! now is the time for short hair and sundresses  and  fun fun fun. . . 

vintage scarf, h&m dress, michael kors sandals, tiffany necklace (gifted)

bizarrely, i did not buy a single item i'm wearing today, and most of it came from my mom (the shoes and scarf were hers in the '90's and the dress was a gift i received.) now that dress, although cotton and relatively simple/shapeless, i just adore. the pink is so bright and girly! how can you not smile at those awesome dots? i did consider belting it (an hourglass figure's go-to), but as i recently read in a vogue article, the key to french style is to have enormous restraint. so this is me "restraining." C'est tres chic, non?


spanish rose


i adored my surprise european-themed date downtown! we dined on some wonderful italian food from vespaio, followed by woody allen's latest lovely film 'midnight in paris' and all the while i looked sort of like a spanish flamenco dancer. i may be euro-confused? 

monkey wear jacket (from when i was twelve), vintage black cami, stern shorts, jeffrey campbell shoes

so it's about time for a new 'do, and i've been eyeing with envy this cute little bumble and bumble gem. i love my curls (and limited hair fuss) but the bangs and the shortness of the cut i'm afraid might overwhelm my super round face . . . what do you think? can i pull it off?




this summer i am all about sunshine and color, but of course with a little punch. this body-hugging white dress perfectly captures that feeling with its vibrant flashes of magenta and green across the front. it's like a modern painting almost; chic space-age cuteness. 

BCBG max azria shirt worn as jacket, wish dress, salvador sapena shoes

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woman about town


 a token night off from my current, incredible job led to a quiet dinner with the bf. korean food and gelato, mmmmmmm.

zara bag, elie tahari coat, vintage nude slip, pour la victoire heels

i love the slight pinkishness of those nude sling backs. so girly and sexy at the same time, they go with everything in my closet. it's like gaga says, you just can't go wrong with glossy, tight leather.

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Hiatus . . .

over these next few weeks posts will be few and far between because i am working! but don't give up hope. fashion-ooosies will come back soon with a bang.


vacation's all i ever wanted


finally my signature photographer has arrived! in honor of such greatness, zach and i went s.u.p. boarding yesterday (which i strongly endorse. it's so peaceful). but i also had a sort of casual business meeting later in the day, with no time to change in between. luckily, this beautiful maxi dress exists! the light-weight creamy (and dreamy) vintage dress was perfect.

vintage albert capraro dress from feathers, gap bathing suit

i wish sometimes i wore more accessories, but i think accessories often distract from the main point of awe: you (the one who is wearing the clothes!) so next time you're thinking of piling on ten bangles, maybe think again. keep it simple.

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hot-air [balloon]


 summer is in the air, which is a polite way to say it's freakishly hot. so i only wear cottons, linens, silks, and other light fabrics to stand the heat. the pictured anthropologie skirt is actually made out of light organza one of my favorite fabrics, sort of like really fine paper, but the texture is bizarre: smooth and grainy (?). still the feel of the skirt only adds to its perfect voluminous shape and light green color. oh, so pretty . . . like flowers and sunshine!

chloe sunnies, gap body tank, victoria secret bra, anthropologie skirt, l.a.m.b. shoes

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simple is as simple does


gap favorite tee, urban outfitters belt, bdg shorts, hotie clogs, tom ford lips

class is always cool . . . 

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let's vogue

 since the top is so large, i tucked a part of it  into my shorts on my right side. that a-symmetry shows off the curve of my hip, which makes the clothes drape artfully on my body so that i don't look like a whale.

stern shorts, calvin klein sweater, jeffrey campbell shoes

 i'm obsessed with any and all snuggly, over-sized knits. maybe that's  "l.a." but there is a reason why people in that part of the country gravitate toward the trend. fine knits are absolutely perfect for los angeles weather. they can be layered  with other knits for cold days, or paired with shorts for hot weather (as I have done.) and the major plus, is that no one can see your stomach. you can loosen those belly-breathing muscles as you please!

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dance in the dark


 today was a lazy day around the house, so i dug this 3-year-old jersey dress out of my closet. it's  so worn in, i've often thought about tossing it, and then i touch the fabric . . . and i quickly change my mind. it's so perfectly soft!

l.a.m.b. shoes, dress designer unknown, vintage necklace, victoria's secret bra

this is the studio, the premiere "creative space." i come out here every morning with home-made chai and a fashion magazine . . . livin' dreams. the gold necklace (shown above as a belt) has a loop that often breaks open, so i used it to update the elegant drape of the dress. also, the 'underwear for outerwear' trend a la carrie bradshaw is amazing. embrace it. love it. live it. 

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black nose and revelations


from time to time i like to serenade my dogs with muse's epic 'starlight,'  although i change the lyrics to better fit my four legged friends.  

j. crew tissue t, vintage shorts from feathers, pour la victoire nude sling-backs

for those loyal readers, if you notice everyday i wear something that somehow influences the next day's ensemble in some fashion be it through color, detail, whatever. so today i continued a nautical theme with these wonderful polka dot shorts that are sooooo comfortable. in colder weather i like to pair them with a long sleeve calvin klein crew neck, black tights, and my jeffrey campbell platforms. so minimal, but still on the nose.

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set those sails


now is the time for a nautical fashion nod. the beaches at cannes, the new 'pirates' movie, and an 'on the town' reference in last night's glee [new york, new york] all suggest chic naval details for your summer wardrobe.  tom ford's cherry lush lipstick pulls this whole vintage allusion together.

zara dress, vintage hat, aldo sandals, tom ford lipstick in 'cherry lush'

i adore this lipstick. it's the creamiest, and the color is a perfect red-berry blend. this sweet little hat, however, always frustrates me. its innocent bow is so cute, but i can never find anything to wear it with, so . . .  today's ensemble was an experiment in foreign territory 

 i like it!

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