sleepy times ~ fashion-ooosies


sleepy times

[the dutch farmer]

these rainy, spring days make me so sleepy; i just have no desire to go anywhere in this weather. even a slight step outside makes my hair a mass of frizzy curls. luckily i got in a few shots before my head was completely unrecognizable.

because of the humid heat, i tied my linen shorts at the waist and my raw silk shirt two inches above. just enough skin exposed in this sticky weather.

aren't these the strangest shoes? i love them! their plain, clunkiness somehow appeals to me . . . i don't get it, but i like it. i stole these from my mom when i was just a kid and rediscovered them a few days ago. a pleasant surprise.
the next pic is a close-up of  my shirt tied.

holie clogs, company blouse, sparkle and fade shorts

can't wait for expected thunder-storms tomorrow. i love a good storm, even borderline-terrifying ones, for which i am prepared! i have a particular room in my house designated  for "severe weather." so sometimes, even if it's just raining, i gather my pets and sit in that small, warm room while my giant dogs lounge around me. so cozy! perhaps farhan and i will make a fort with our furry friends in light of the oncoming inclement weather. if so, pics sure to come!


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  2. I like the clogs too...

    ...including the bits of grass from the garden. :) What's California like? It's next on my list of places to visit.

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  3. As a dutch farmer, I take offense to this kind of vain fashion. This isn't how we dress, neither now or in the past.

    k thx
    Anonymous Coward